Beef Sticks 2 Pack

"The beef sticks are my favorite! My mom puts them in my lunch box so I can have them at lunch!"- Cooper Shoults, 5th Generation
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These aren't your regular "grab them as you checkout" type beef sticks. Our beef sticks are made with extremely lean beef and packed full of protein! These must stay refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy. These country beef sticks are the ideal snack for after school, camping trips, or for anyone on the go. Each package weighs a half pound and each order comes with two packages.

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Open and Eat!
Once you open up the package, you can either wrap the beef sticks in a paper towel or throw them in a Ziploc bag and store them in the refrigerator. They will be good in the fridge for about two weeks but we recommend you consume within a week for best flavor.
They keep well in the freezer so if you want to store some for later, they will be fine in there for over a year!
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