Sandwiches are available!

Due to the Covid we are not serving our plates lunch but we ARE serving sandwiches everyday! Pulled Pork, Ham & Turkey. Our local general store is open from 9-5. Come out and see us!

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We are expanding!!

Remember the ground breaking news we showed you a couple months ago?! Look at the progress it’s making! By this fall we will have an over 5,000 sq ft banquet room! Weddings, receptions, company parties, etc. We are so excited about all the ways we will be able to utilize this new addition.

Come out and visit us and take a look at what’s soon to come. Don't forget, we serve sandwiches daily!

Our Store hours are Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm - Saturday 9am - 5pm

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What A Day!

Last Summer, we were in the middle of a family brainstorming session when someone called out "Ice Cream Contest!" It was an idea that stuck. The only problem was following through with our fun idea. We have the beautiful General Store, we have the resources, but time to plan was something that we lacked. As some of you know, running a small family business is a busy job in which everyone performs many different tasks and duties. Time is something that we did not have an abundance of. So, what did we do? Well, dim the lights, cue the music! This is where we bring in our secret weapon, Stormy Nickerson. Stormy is new to Bear Creek Smokehouse but has been a family friend, supporter, and even a customer for many, many years. We adopted her in to the Bear Creek family knowing she was the woman for the job!

We began throwing all of our ideas her way and she handled them in stride and did a fantastic job of implementing them! Fast Forward to this past Saturday...

July 13, 2019 turned out to be a record day for us. We have never had a Saturday in July like that! As you can imagine, selling turkeys and hams can be difficult in the heat of the Summer so we have never had a strong July. We saw over 700 people in our new General Store on Saturday. We were beaming with joy as the people rolled in! Saturday's agenda included: Ice Cream Social & Contest, Lunch served from 11-1, Western Shootout, Book Signing, and a Farmer's Market.

Ice Cream Contest & Social
Man! Yall know how to make some ice cream now! We had some wonderful entries and so much fun watching everyone make their ice cream. We had Most Unique Flavor, 5th Generation Favorite, and Favorite Flavor. Cooper Shoults was beyond thrilled to have her own category and to participate in the judging. She enjoyed tasting all the ice cream. That's a dream come true for a seven year old! Unfortunately, we were informed by the health department that the participants weren't allowed to hand out samples of their ice cream to the public. That was a bummer. Hopefully next year we can find a way around that. Other than that, the Ice Cream Social was a success! We had a bounce house and foam machine along with live chickens to pet. And of course we had our longhorns and turkeys present so the kiddos could feed them! Here are some photos from the Ice Cream Contest

Judges of Ice Cream: Brian Hoyle, Stacia Shoults, Hunter Shoults, & Cooper Shoults


Winners of each category.

We also had two real live (fake) outlaw shootouts! This was so much fun for the kids and the grown-ups too!! Our friend Buzz that works in the store has a gang out outlaws that show up and entertain our guests. It is always a riot when they are here!!

In addition to all of that, we opened up a Farmer's Market with local produce right here in our store. This was a huge success and we ran out of several items. We will replenish and continue the Farmer's Market until the end of the season. This is something that Robbie has wanted to do for some time. We are glad we did it! IMG-3579


Once the dust settled from a busy day at the store, we had to switch gears. We cleaned up and rearranged just in time to host our very first wedding at the new store. The bride was so beautiful and her guests enjoyed themselves. We will update this post with photos of the newlyweds once we have those!

All in all, we had a wonderful turnout and an amazing weekend. Thank you to everyone that came out to our "little" store on the hill. We had folks from far and wide! Stay tuned to our Facebook as we announce upcoming events!
Bear Creek Smokehouse General Store
10857 State Highway 154
Marshall, TX 75670
Lunch is served in the store daily from 11-1!

Written by: Stacia K Shoults

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