Bone-in Half Ham (Non-Spiral)

Half Ham 7-9LB
See below for description and serving size.

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These Bone-In Half Hams are selected from only the finest Pork cuts! We carefully prepare them with our own special seasoning process, before we slowly Smoke them to lock in all the flavors! Fully cooked and ready-to-slice and enjoy! A great centerpiece for any celebration!
Servings: We typically attribute 1/4Lb. of meat per person. Serving Size varies depending on appetites and the amount of other food that will be accompanying your Ham on your plate!

More Information
We think that our Fully Cooked Smoked Meats taste best when served at room temperature, if you prefer, they may be heated after wrapping them in foil. Set oven at 325' and heat up for 10 minutes for every 1lb.
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