Cranberry Turkey Breast 2 lbs

"The Cranberry Turkey Breast has always been my favorite. I love making Cranberry Turkey Breast Salad and serving it on a flaky croissant." - Brenda Shoults
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If you have never had our Cranberry Turkey Breast, you are missing out! We infuse lean, boneless turkey breasts with a homemade Cranberry Chutney that our 4th generation, Hunter Shoults, created. We then smoke the Turkey Breast so that they are fully cooked and ready to eat. Not only are these great warmed up, but we think are even better when served at room temperature. This is Brenda Shoults' favorite item that we offer! Check out our website for a wonderful Cranberry Turkey Salad recipe. Each Turkey Breast weighs about two pounds.

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We feel that this is best when served at room temperature!
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