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Polish Sausage 2Lb.

Polish Sausage 2Lb.

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This comes with 8 links totaling 2lb. All links are vacuum sealed into one package.

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Our customers tell us that we smoke the very best Polish Sausage they have E-V-E-R tasted! We agree! The family recipe we use has been handed down for generations! We use only use the finest cuts of lean Pork and carefully prepare these beauties with our special blend of spices and seasonings! Then we slowly smoke them so they will be juicy and full of flavor when you grill them up!
Servings: We typically attribute 1/4Lb. of meat per person. Serving Size varies depending on appetites and the amount of other food that will be accompanying your Polish Sausage on your plate!
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Ready to eat! Just heat and eat! Careful not to overheat as you do not want to dry these links out.