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Smoked Bone-In Ham

Smoked Bone-In Ham

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These non-spiral, bone-in hams are moist and delicious!

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Our Whole Bone-In Hams are not only delicious but they are a beautiful (and tasty!) centerpiece on your holiday table. We use an old-fashioned, traditional family recipe to cure our hams. We then use hickory wood to slow smoke our Whole Bone-In hams to provide a tender ham that is rich in flavor. We typically attribute 1/4lb. of meat per person. Serving size varies depending on appetites and the amount of other food accompanying your ham.
Cooking Instructions

Additional Information

We think that our Fully Cooked Smoked Meats taste best when served at room temperature, if you prefer, they may be heated after wrapping them in foil. Set oven at 325' and heat up for 10 minutes for every 1lb.

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