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Spiral Sliced Ham

Spiral Sliced Ham

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Ready to Eat
Ham Glaze Included (optional)
Spiral Sliced for your convenience

See below for Description and Serving Size.

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There is NO ham like a Bear Creek Smokehouse ham. We smoke these beauties over Hickory Embers using the same careful and tedious process we use to prepare our Turkeys. The hams show up to your door, ready to eat! They are spiral-sliced to simplify the serving process. Our Spiral Sliced Hams stay moist from the time we put them in smokehouse until they land on your plate! We do not pre-glaze our hams however, we do include a packet of ham glaze that you may add to your ham when warming it up.
Cooking Instructions

Additional Information

We think that our Fully Cooked Smoked Meats taste best when served at room temperature, if you prefer, they may be heated after wrapping them in foil. Set oven at 325' and heat up for 10 minutes for every 1lb. Be very careful when heating the ham! It is already fully cooked so the objective is just to heat it up.
Serving Size: We typically suggest that you attribute 1/4Lb. of meat per person.