Smoked Turkey 9-11 lbs

Our Hickory Smoked Turkeys are where we got our start, some 75 years ago! See below for a full description.

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It was back in 1943 when Hick and Nellie Shoults started raising turkeys in their backyard as a way to make ends meet. They never could have imagined that over 75 years later, their family would still make a living off of turkeys. Hick's great grandson, Hunter Shoults, smoked the turkeys every year, just in time for the holidays. Our Hickory Smoked Turkeys have become a tradition on tabletops across America for so many families. These are fully-cooked and ready to eat!

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We feel that our smoked meat is best served at room temperature! If you prefer to heat it, set the oven to 325', wrap in foil, and heat turkey 10 minutes for every pound. Careful!! DO NOT OVERHEAT!! There is nothing worse than a dry bite of turkey!
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