Mango, Ginger, Habanero Boneless Ham 2 lbs

The name sounds spicy, but these ham are not spicy!
See below for full description.

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Smoked Boneless Hams are marinated in a wonderful Mango, Ginger, Habanero sauce that gives it a slightly sweet and delightful, zesty flavor! We then slowly Smoke them over Hickory embers till fully cooked and ready-to-slice and enjoy! Also a perfect selection for smaller families and gatherings!
Servings: We typically attribute 1/4Lb. of meat per person. Serving Size varies depending on appetites and the amount of other food that will be accompanying your Ham on your plate!

More Information
We feel that this mango ham is best served at room temperature. If you feel like you need to heat, wrap in foil and heat about 10 minutes per pound but check it often and make sure that you don't overheat it and dry it out.
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