Smoked Sliced Beef Brisket

We do all the hard work, you get all the glory!
"Hunter made some changes to the Brisket recipe recently and it has never been better! It is my go-to dinner on busy weeknights!" - Stacia K. Shoults

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We slowly smoke lean brisket and then slice it in one pound packages for your convenience. All you have to do is open and enjoy! It took many years for Mr. Bobby Shoults to perfect that beautiful "smoke ring" so be sure to check it out before you devour the brisket! Our Smokey BBQ Sauce is the perfect match for this Sliced Brisket!

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Serving Suggestions:
We typically attribute 1/4Lb. of meat per person. Serving Size varies depending on appetites and the amount of other food that will be accompanying your Brisket on your plate!
This product is fully cooked and ready to eat!

How to Heat:
OVEN: Preheat oven to 275'. Lay Brisket in a casserole dish and smother with Bear Creek BBQ Sauce. Cover the dish and place in the oven. Slowly heat, remembering to check the meat frequently. You do NOT want to overheat! The goal is not to cook the brisket, just heat it up.
SINK: Yes, you read that right-we said SINK! Do not puncture sealed package that contains the brisket. Fill sink up with hot water (130'-140'), place the sealed package of brisket in the hot water and let it sit in water for 15-20 minutes. Remove brisket from water and carefully cut open the package.

How to Serve:
This brisket is great for a quick meal. Get creative with it! There are countless ways to serve the brisket.
Serve as a main course smothered in BBQ Sauce.
Carefully cut the brisket in half and serve on hawaiian rolls with BBQ sauce.
Dice up and add to your favorite pot of beans.
Chop up brisket and sprinkle on a baked potato.
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