Spiral Sliced Ham 6-7 lbs

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"Spend more time with friends and family and less time in the kitchen with our fully cooked smoked and pre-sliced hams." - Robbie Shoults
See below for Description and Serving Size.

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Back in the day when we started smoking and selling hams, the process was much different than we see now. Today, we have a squeaky clean USDA inspected facility where we tediously smoke, cure, and inspect every ham to make sure it is up to our standards...and yours! Back then, Bobby and Hick would drive their old pickup down to the "bottom" and they would gather long, spear-like leaves off of yucca plants that were growing in the wild. They would then take those leaves and string them through the ham hock and and hang them from the ceiling to allow them to cure.

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We think that our Fully Cooked Smoked Meats taste best when served at room temperature, if you prefer, they may be heated after wrapping them in foil. Set oven at 325' and heat up for 10 minutes for every 1lb. Be very careful when heating the ham! It is already fully cooked so the objective is just to heat it up.
Serving Size: We typically suggest that you attribute 1/4Lb. of meat per person.
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