Summer Sausage & Cheese

"This ready to eat, protein-packed Summer Sausage is fancy enough to serve as hors d'oeuvres at a black-tie event yet country enough to pull out your pocket knife in the deer stand and slice a little piece off for yourself.” — Hunter Shoults

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Our Summer Sausage has become a traditional customer favorite year after year. You won’t find random beef scraps or fillers in our Summer Sausage. We use extremely lean cuts of beef and an old, top secret Shoults family recipe to provide you with a wonderful, savory flavor.  To top off the pound of Summer Sausage, we include a one pound red rind cheddar cheese.

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We do not include any cooking instructions because we have already smoked this Summer Sausage so that it is ready to eat. We like to do all the work so all you are required to do is open up this one pound stick and enjoy. Be sure to peel back the casing though!
There are several ways you can serve this sausage. Once you carefully slice up the Summer Sausage, you can serve it with cheese, crackers, sliced baguette, or just eat it by itself.
If you want to get creative with it, you can take a tip from our 5th Generation (and official taste-tester) Cooper Shoults. She recommends getting a small cookie cutter and using it to make shapes out of the slices of Summer Sausage. Heart and star shaped Summer Sausage taste the best.
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